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Collaboration: Your kingdom or His kingdom

Written in a factual, impactful style, this book exhibits the practices that make a collaborative venture succeed in a culturally-sensitive world. With his common sense and minimalist approach, the author presents core principles of partnership to help us accomplish the biblical mandate to reach the world for Christ.

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What others are saying…

“JA Pérez models effective collaboration. He understands that one organization can do only so much, but through strategic partnerships, ministries can multiply their impact and reach far more people. —David L. Jones, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Luis Palau Association”
“What I experienced, could be the future of evangelism worldwide. Instead of one main evangelist, there were various working in their own specialties. This could be a prototype for the future! —Dr. Jaime Mirón, General Editor of the NTV Spanish translation of the Bible”

9 Basic Principles of Collaboration for Evangelists

Evangelism is not the work of one man!

Written in a factual, impactful style, with a minimalist approach, the author exhibits core principles of partnership to help us accomplish the biblical mandate to reach the world for Christ. These principles will show you how to build strategic alliances among evangelists, how to join efforts with leaders from every developing world culture with access, stature, influence, and crucial knowledge of their local environments to reach their people, how to expand your ministry by establishing ongoing collaborative relations and more.

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Now: The Urgency and the Key to reach this generation with the message of Christ

While the spread of Christianity has been nothing short of supernatural, there are still huge segments of the world’s population that have never heard the name of Jesus. Written in a factual, impactful style, with a minimalist approach, the author exhibits relevant data about the current status of world evangelism, the challenges to share the Good News in the face of constant geopolitical shifts and how to accomplish the biblical mandate to reach this generation for Christ using basic principles of collaboration.

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Create 3 New Habits: A simple guide to form new habits for a better, simpler, happier life

Forget Goals

Most coaches that help you to make positive changes in your life, will start by asking you to create a list of all the changes you want to make and set goals to achieve what you want. When you see in front of you that big mountain to conquer, you can’t help but feel powerless, not knowing where to start.

It’s overwhelming, isn’t it?

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More about this book…

Think Habits

How about we setup a system. A journey. A way of life where the process is the goal.Instead of worrying about reaching a goal, why don’t we just focus in the joy of slowly looking to the life around us as we walk on that path.

That’s what creating new habits is all about. It’s about creating a rhythm that allows us to enjoy the life around us as we focus on the things that are important to us and learn to let go of all the distractions that rob us of real joy, peace and contentment.

So, why don’t we just relax, and think about focusing on just 3 things. At least for now. I find that when I simplify things I accomplish more. The idea of new habits is not to create high expectations, but a rhythm. High expectations will bring discouragement if the process seems to go slower than expected.

That’s why I say “forget about goals”. Create a rhythm. A process that will take you there. You’ll see that as you walk on that path, you’ll start to love the journey.

This is not only a book. It’s a guide. I will walk with you step by step, bringing you daily words of encouragement and wisdom phrases for 21 days. The journey won’t be perfect, we won’t rush it. We’ll stop to smell the flowers, and before you know it, we’ll arrive at that beautiful destination. Happy, full of joy and ready to create the next adventure.

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About the author

Dr. JA Pérez is the author of more that 60 books in Spanish including 11 volumes in Systematic Theology. He is also a teacher, a humanitarian, and a world evangelist.

Equally at home with entrepreneurs and international government leaders as with the poor and needy in the third world.

His writings and love for literature have been greatly influenced by his late grandfather, a man who was raised by monks in a monastery in the Canary Islands, Spain.

JA enjoys long slow walks, and practicing the art of sitting in silence for long periods of time.

He, his wife and their three grown up children, live in San Diego, California, from where they manage the entire scope of their organization.